planet cb

although it required a bit more set up, I think my personal notifications/bot hub is going to be way better in than it was in . Much faster, choice of clients, and it works great combined with and even with plain old

@spacekookie it's like but self-hostable. it lets you automate stuff, connect services together

@spacekookie it really is! it has a lot of built-in integrations, but also allows you to create HTTP calls, which opens up a whole world of possibilities. That's how I'm sending notifications to my server

@cb still using n8n? I'm not super technically skilled, but seems interesting to the point it worth my time

@douginamug yeah I am, sort of! It's a nice way to do cool things with services without having to learn a bunch of code and API stuff. however, for some reason it crashes on me a lot, and I don't know enough about node and js to get it working. when it works, it's great!!