planet cb

hey #emacs folks: is there a way to get a Mac Finder-like preview of audio files in emacs? what I'm imagining is using dired and then when you select an audio file, a new frame or buffer appears and plays the audio. if you move to a different audio file, the player stops and plays the new file

my use case is browsing my audio sample library

@cb If this doesn't exist already this sounds like a great project for a newbie lisper

@nebunez yeah I agree! I'm definitely thinking about tackling it. I would love to contribute in whatever small way I could

@cb Is the buffer for displaying metadata? I'm not aware of an emacs sample browsing mode specifically, there are so many music players for Emacs there are a lot of ways to tackle it though. Emacs can play wavs but I think it blocks unless you take care to run it asynchronously.

Sounds like a fun project!

@wakyct I don't really care about metadata, I just want a way to really quickly cycle through my samples and audition them

@cb with the package quick-preview, it works for me with the letter Q.
In gnome it uses gnome-sushi to play the song.

(use-package quick-preview
:ensure t
(define-key dired-mode-map (kbd "Q") 'quick-preview-at-point))
Then esc to escape the preview.

@obrow awesome, thank you so much! this totally works. The only thing I'd like to add somehow is playing a different file if I move the cursor in dired