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1001 Sounds from my Homemade Modular Synthesizer - FREE SAMPLE PACK
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Over the years I have spent many hours recording sounds from my homemade modular synth and have loved every minute of it. I have used them in basically all music I've made since 2015! Often they require some tweaking to fit into a mix, but they have been an endless source of inspiration for me.

I'm sharing them with the world because I love these sounds and I want to spread that love. I have benefited so much from the open source community and want to give back! While I'm not much of a coder, I _do_ know how to make sounds. I hope that you'll find some uses for these weird sounds.

This pack contains around 1001 audio files along with sfz-format sampler instruments for many of them

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@cb Wow! Thank you!

@cb woahhhh this is so cool!!!

@cb Nice FX pack. Thank you!

I can immediately see some uses for the "droning" effects in creating ambience (going to be creating a lot of SF "machine noise" type environments in the near future).

@TerryHancock awesome! I'd love to hear what you create!