planet cb

Hi all!

My name is David. I'm from Ann Arbor Michigan. I love to make music and I love writing software to make music and art. I typically feed myself by working as a software developer for others but am currently taking some time to focus on other projects. I'm hugely inspired by people making independent art and tools. I love the culture and aesthetic of Algorave but I've never been to one. I have just migrated here from and I'm excited to be on a more art focused instance.

@xinniw welcome to the cool side of the fediverse

@xinniw welcome!! hey I'm a Michigander too, over here in the country outside Grand Rapids. I'm really into algorave and have also never been to one (unless you count online ones!). #tidalcycles is one of my favorite things ever

@xinniw I've got a friend who lives in that neck of the woods.

@cb Thanks! loving mastodon so far. I've actually been following your work for a while now over on instagram. I help organize North Coast Modular Collective. Sometime in the future, when we are doing events again, it would be cool, if your interested, to have you out to talk about your DIY modular + tidalcycles stuff!

@xinniw awesome! yeah for sure!