planet cb

what are your favorite #scifi books? Extra points for #solarpunk themes


@cb anything from ursula k leguin and octavia butler

(sorry for the same old same old)

@luka thanks!!

@cb I really enjoyed Karl Schroeder's Ventus and second the LeGuin recommendation (Dispossessed of course and also Left Hand of Darkness).

I think Corey Doctorow's Walkaway might count as solarpunk? It was okay, long tho.

@cb I wanted to add this before but couldn't remember, now I've found it - absolutely highly recomended N.K. Jemisin especially her 'The Broken Earth' series. (via my SO, actually)

@luka @cb she's a favorite of mine too! if you like to 'read' by listening, there are a number of her short stories of hers read on the Levar Burton Reads podcast. She has a great collection of short stories called How Long Til Black Futures Month?

@luka @cb there are a number of solarpunk-adjacent stories in the New Suns collection edited by Nisi Shawl

@cb from my recent reads I can recommend The Stark Divide by J. Scott Coatsworth (more info here: )