planet cb

My tiny audio microblog code is available via git:

Although I made this to "scratch my own itch," I want to share it with the community. So much of what I use every day was created and shared by regular people, and I want to give back. My code may not be pretty but it works. I'm totally open to suggestions/pull requests.

Thank you all for the encouragement!

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@cb that's great! One feature idea, put a loading indicator so that if it takes awhile to download and start playing I don't hit the button a bunch of times. But nice idea and implementation!

@wilbr thank you! yes that's a great idea, I just have to figure out to do that 😅

@cb something like onclick replace/append some content with a fontawesome spinner html (with rotational animation css) and on sound load/play, undo the spinner

@wilbr awesome, thanks for the hint!

@wilbr Haven't gotten the "loading" part to work, but I updated the play/pause button to give a better indication of what's happening. also added a small minute-second counter