planet cb

anybody else have a single-user instance? I use mine as a personal cloud, backups, file sync, bookmarks, etc. How do you use yours?

@kelbot which webmail interface are you using? I've tried "mail" and "Rainmail" and can't get either one to work on my nextcloud 20

@madcap cool- are you using the "news" app as your feed reader?

@lopeztel cool! I've heard of piwigo but definitely want to check out jellyfin! I currently use for my music playback

@kelbot @lopeztel whoa wha!!!!????

@dustin whoa! awesome! now I gotta give that a shot...

@kelbot thanks!

@kelbot @lopeztel trying it right now.. holy shit. It is even working loading audio files from an external storage (#minio running on a different computer). so heckin cool

@lukas what do you use the polls for?